Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here is her PURPLEICIOUS cast!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Yeah! Good bye 2010!!

WOW- What a year!
Here is our year in review-

Maren joined our family February 26, 2010 (what a doll face)
Had complications with recovery had two additional operations

Steve Graduated from VCU with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning

Steve got a job with ICF International and we moved up to NOVA! (scary)

Traveled to Utah for a family reunion-

Found out in August some devastating news about a family member- changed everything.
I still have huge issues with this... obviously.

Stacie had another operation the day before Thanksgiving...

Enjoyed Christmas with our new friends the Cardwells and Smiths!!!

Maren broke her tibia 8 days after the new year!!


Any who! Steve and I adore our kids and each other and we are grateful for all the we have been given~! I think that that is the most I have ever written on this thing... And just to show how much I never blog... I forgot my password to log on. Haha got to love it.