Monday, August 31, 2009

Confessions of a Hormonal Wife...

So I guess that I should admit that I am preggers! I am 15 weeks preggo (translation PREGNANT!) We are super excited and scared! We would be more excited if I wasn’t so sick all of the time and generally miserable. I am starting to feel slightly better –but still not up to where I was when I was pregnant with Adam. We are due February 22nd- Most exciting. So only 5 more weeks til we know the gender. Steve has been my knight in shinning armor. He has taking such good care of me and Adam. He has been so kind and sweet during my “hormonal tidal waves” (as he likes to call them). He told me last night that he didn’t realize how much I do around the house until I got really sick and I STOPPED managing the house. It was sweet of him to say. But things are going better. I am starting to make dinner again – I made Homemade Macaroni the other night ( a first time for a homemade meal in a while) and Steve couldn’t get over how good it was- (Cute huh – because it wasn’t that great!) Anyways

I Hope things are on the up and up!